Meet Brian – Or Brain, as we call him, has been in the toy and game world almost as long as it’s been an industry. He’s been the President and VP of impressive companies throughout his career, but let’s face it, nothing can top being a founder of The Pig. He loves crunching numbers, solving logistical nightmares, and finding “retro” items to covet. If you feel the sudden need for a 5ft. tall inflatable dinosaur, “cat paw” bottle opener, or a game where players wear poop on their head, Brian’s your go-to guy. He has an obsession with “Susie Creamcheese” (don’t ask) and telling everyone that he’s old.

Meet Tom – He hates the word “very.” He worked in the furniture biz and somehow wrangled his way into the toy and game world. Like Brain, he’s helped countless companies in their quest for glory. Now he spends his time mountain biking and finding items to bring to The Pig’s table. You never know if he’s in Hong Kong for business or at Comic-con as Clark Kent…”for business”.

Meet Abbie – Being the “sales coordinator extraordinaire” that she is, The Pig would basically collapse without her. She’s a small town girl living in a big, wet city — even though she loves the sun and sand. What went wrong, Abbie!? When she’s not running things for us, she’s asking people for saltine crackers in airports. If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, ask her about her (totally valid) fear of starving on a plane.

Meet Virginia – Contrary to what Train wants you to believe, she owns many dresses. Virginia, or Vee, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Communication Studies. As a proud Tar Heel, she decided to stay in her home state of North Cackalacky and give her skill and devotion to The Pig. She is a Marketing Mastermind and E-commerce Queen, who drinks too much coffee and has an affinity for soulless gingers.

The Team – We travel the globe to bring The Impractical Pig the best. From funky fun and outdoor oddity to darling decor, we present curated items you never knew you needed. We’re convinced that we have the best gig in the world — scouring the ends of the Earth, just for you. We bring the impractical, slightly practical, and unexpected. So give yourself a pat on the back, because we love ya.