The Impractical Pig Holiday Gift Guide

Toddler + Kids:

  1. Spicebox Book Paint and Play Tea Set: Give the gift of imagination with this Spicebox Books Paint and Play Tea Set. Spark creativity when you give your little one the ability to create their own design. This gift is a perfect activity for an artist or make-believe lover.
  2. Education Outdoors Woolly Mammoth Plush: Woolly Mammoths may have died out 10,000 years ago, but this Education Outdoors Woolly Mammoth plush lives on! It’s cute, it’s cuddly, and it comes with a code you scan with your phone, so you can learn more about the lives these animals lived on Earth!
  3. Identity Games Poopyhead Game: It’s pretty simple. Every kid loves poop, so when the folks at Identity Games created a game centered around poop, we jumped all over it. This is family fun at it’s funniest and finest. How many poops can you get on your opponents head? Don’t let the kids have all the fun. 😉
  4. Thoughtfull Toys Modarri Car: The original and ultimate finger driven car is back this year – because it’s a toy car worth giving. Drive your car anywhere, and hug the road with it’s superior design and vibrant colors!


  1. B.Duck Official 3D Tote: Tired of all the boring bags? Have no fear! B.Duck is here! One of the most popular brands in Asia,  B.Duck gives you an anything but boring bag. The 3D Duck  will stop people in their tracks!
  2. Ann Williams Jewelry Tree: Ann Williams has a knack for creating beautiful and functional pieces, including this Craft Crush Yarn Tree. Create your own design with the colorful thread and hang your jewelry from the branches. Gorgeous and fun for all!
  3. American Jewel Kitty Cat Headphones: Love cats? Love good music? BOOM – this is the perfect gift! American Jewel Kitty Cat Headphones make a statement and sound absolutely amazing. They come in three glitter colors and make a thoughtful holiday present.


  1. Identity Games: Who’s The Dude? Charades Game: This is one of those games where it can get pretty raunchy, pretty quick. That’s the fun, after all – and that’s why it’s in the adult category! Identity Games upgraded traditional charades to include The Dude – a blow up doll. You won’t forget this night.
  2. Spicebox Books Whiskey Gift Set: Enjoy a book of whiskey tradition, and a flask with two cups from Spicebox Books. It’s an adult gift set that will have the Ron Swanson in you sparkle like snake juice.