It’s that bittersweet time of year – packing up the swim suits and dusting off the back packs. We know that some of you are mourning the loss of sleeping in and a sky-high heat index. Not to worry, we have back-to-college “Pig Picks” that will get you pumped for FDOC…unless you have 8 am statistics. We can’t help you there.

Guess what!? You’re adulting now, which means that Mom isn’t around with her useful tips, tricks, and tools anymore. In college, you never know what you’ll need to measure — It doesn’t hurt to have a little friend in your dorm, purse, or back pocket. Just whip this little guy out and you’ll be good-to-go. Not only are the snails adorable, but they come in blue and green!

“Let me count the ways!” Freaker will spiff up your PBR and give you an easy peasy ice breaker. Cold, wet hands on your favorite beverage? Who wants that!? Certainly not the coolest cat in the corner bar. These American made koozies are one size fits all, which keeps your beer cold and your hands dry in a freaky fun way. No worries if they get a little dirty – These bad boys are made for a romp on the college town and are completely machine washable.

Late nights accompanied with your Freaker mean that you need coffee that will pack a punch in the morning. This brass knuckle mug comes in black or white and means business. Put on your war face, conquer the 8 am class you hate, kill that exam. Slay all day. #YASQUEEN

You will lose something important in college. We don’t mean to be Debbie Downers here, but it’s bound to happen. With this handy birdie, you can at least avoid losing that $200 dorm fob. Stick the things you don’t want to misplace on this key chain and get the attention of your friends from across the quad. The real question? Who doesn’t need a bird key chain/whistle combo? Exactly.

Even if you’re an engineering major (may the force be with you), you need to have some form of creative release. Adult coloring books have been scientifically proven to reduce stress AND improve performance. Babalu has beautiful books that will distract you from the pile of homework that you have. Trust us – 10 minutes will make you a much happier person to be around.

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